A Little About Me

Those who know me well would describe me as “passionate”…and they’re absolutely right. I have many passions in life, from cooking to yoga to 90s hip hop to linguistics – and there’s nothing I love more than engaging in and writing about these passions. It keeps me sane, balanced and fulfilled. I’m passionately passionate. Obsessed with being obsessed.

So how would *I* describe myself? I’m a twenty-something content specialist by day and inspired home cook by night. A lover of all things food, wine and classic hip hop. An introvert who’s just as happy going out as she is with taking a bubble bath while drinking a glass of champagne. Someone who’s been known to eat pasta for lunch *and* dinner in the same day.

I grew up in beautiful Sonoma County, CA, aka “Wine Country”, and fell in love with cooking at a very young age from helping my mom prepare the family meals. Ever since, cooking has been my therapy, my escape, my love language and my creative outlet. I cook on a regular basis, often for myself – hence the cooking for one theme of this blog. And some classic hip hop playing in the background doesn’t hurt.

I’m also a work in progress who’s admittedly experiencing the dreaded quarter-life crisis. In the words of Elizabeth Gilbert, “I embrace the glorious mess that I am.” So join me as I find my way through it all one meal, one mistake, and one discovery at a time.