Hey there! I’m Elena Lathrop, the “Elena” in Elena the Epicurean. Those who know me well would describe me as passionate…and they’re absolutely right. I have many passions in life, from the common (cooking, yoga, writing) to the more obscure (90s hip hop, linguistics). I’ve been told I’m “obsessed with being obsessed”.

I love exploring New York, but I’m also an introvert who’s just as happy going out as she is staying in and taking a candlelit bubble bath. Oh, and I’ve seen every episode of The Golden Girls…at least twice.

You’ll quickly notice that I love everything 90s hip hop. My favorite artists, albums and songs inspired much of this blog’s aesthetic, from the color scheme to the tag line. Check out the Listens page for some of my favorite tracks.

By day I work in content marketing for a technology company in Brooklyn. I grew up in beautiful Sonoma County, CA, aka Wine Country, and developed a deep passion for food and home cooking from a young age. I’ve been known to eat pasta for lunch and dinner on the same day.

After graduating from UCLA in 2012, I spent four sunny years living and working in Los Angeles as a content specialist. In April of 2016, I traded my car keys for a Metro Card and fulfilled my childhood dream of moving to New York City. Every day I’m inspired by the energy, tenacity, passion and sense of pride here, which I find contagious. I channel a lot of it into this blog, and hope that it’s contagious for you as well!